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B-MINCOME Urban Innovative Actions

Combining guaranteed minimum income and active social policies in deprived urban areas.

Laura Colini is the EU UIA expert supporting Barcelona for B-MINCOME Urban Innovative Action.

The project is based on the City’s decision to implement a guaranteed minimum income (GMI) to supplement income in the most deprived and poor areas or the City. It is expected that 1,000 households will receive this minimum income on a trial basis. The implementation of the GMI among households in situations of poverty should also prompt a comparative analysis concerning the costs of policies aimed at fighting poverty, with the ultimate goal of developing more efficient welfare services. It is a new solution adapted to the new poverty related phenomena occurring in the City. The municipal GMI system will provide families with security, freedom and greater responsibility as a lever in overcoming poverty. The new strategy is based on new core elements: Testing several types of GMI; Combine GMI with integrated one-stop-shop public and private active policies and Strengthening inhabitant and community’s Initiative.

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