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Bath Co-Creation workshop: Creativity-Based Methods to Engage with Communities

24th May 2018, University of Bath, 6E 2.1

Event aimed at professionals who work with different audiences and seek to use art as a means to co-produce shared understanding and knowledge about communities with those living in them. It seeks to familiarise practitioners with ‘co-creation’ methodologies and is particularly suitable for community researchers, museum professionals, curators, community centres, schools, NGOs and charities.

‘Co-creation’ is a set of participatory methods involving artists, researchers, policy-makers and other stakeholders to address territorial issues such as marginalization, stigmatization, memory or difficult pasts. The University of Bath is a partner in the EU-funded four-year project https://www.co-creation-network.org/, which aims to develop and test the process of ‘co-creation’ as a collective art practice involving researchers, artists, community members and a range of stakeholders to address issues of marginalization and stigmatization in different contexts of urban disadvantage in both the Global North and South. The intent is to work towards fairer and more inclusive urban neighbourhoods. This event brings together researchers from the Bath team, our international partners and other experienced practitioners who have been using arts-based methodologies for community engagement for a number of years.

The half-day event is an important opportunity to listen to inspiring practice-focused presentations, participate in debates shaping co-creation methodologies, discuss ways in which challenges and obstacles in the way of community engagement can be overcome, build networks and share knowledge and experience about tools and methods of co-creation.


8.30-9.00 Registration

Needs & expertise in the room

Session 1

9.00-9.30 Lorenzo Tripodi (Tesserae, Berlin)
From reconnaissance to neighbourhood atlas: a toolkit for participative urban practice – a set of techniques employed during the EULER program in Mehringplatz

9.30-10.00 Jim Segers (City Mine(d))
City Mine(d), co-creating prototypes

10.00-10.30 Sue Brownill & Ben Spencer (Oxford Brookes University)
Participatory Video as a Method of Co-Creating Research with Communities

10.30-11.00 Creative coffee break & workshop activity

Co-creation: principles and benefits for your area

Session 2

11.00-11.30 Loraine Leeson (Middlesex University, London)
Art: Process: Change

11.30-11.45 Annaleise Depper (University of Bath)
Participatory methods on the move: film-making and photovoice

11.45-12.00 Daniela de Angeli- Christina Horvath (University of Bath)
Co-creating memory with museums

12.10-13.00 Workshop activity 3 and plenary discussion

Design a co-creation activity that would work for you

13.00-14.00 Lunch