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Co-Creation Final Conference

The H2020 Rise project Cocreation ended its activity in summer 2022. After a long break due to covid that disrupted heavily our plans to go back to Latin America to work with local communities and apply some of our participative methodologies, members of the Tesserae team attended the final conference in Oxford, England. Here we presented our ongoing documentary project on Right to the City, which builds on explorations and interviews made possible through CoCreation. The project is currently being developed further as an interactive web experience and as a film, and we are searching for further opportunities through which to follow up what we started with Co-Creation.

An excerpt of the ongoing documentary project can be found on ogino:knauss’ Vimeo channel:

We also made a presentation at the conference about our CoMMA mapping platform. Having successfully deployed the platform in a number of pilot EU projects and initiatives, we are now ready to begin sharing this novel toolset with community orientated projects working in the fields of urbanism, social empowerment, citizen science, human-centred design and geography. The presentation offered conference attendees an insight into the platform’s core functionality and scalability, and gave an open call for interested projects and researchers to make use of the open-source toolset in their work.

Other highlights at the conference included:

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