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D4l - Data Challenge on Integration of Migrants in Cities - Brussels 27.11.2018

On November 27 2018, in Brussels at MCE Conference and Business Centre, Laura Colini attended the Final Workshop of  Data Challenge on Integration of Migrants in Cities  facilitating the thematic roundtable ” Evidence on segregation and diversity for policies” in  her role as program expert for URBACT.

The Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD) has been piloting the use of grid-based information from ad hoc queries of Census data. This unique data set shows the concentration of migrants by citizenship and country of birth in all cities of 8 EU Member States at high spatial resolution (100 by 100 m cells). The data set was developed to harmonise migration statistics at local level, with a view to enhance the cross country comparability of data, a pre-requisite to promote knowledge transfer among cities on evidence-based integration policy-making. In September 2017, the data set was made available to research groups through the D4I data challenge ). The results of the data challenge, presented in the morning session of the Workshop, illustrate the potential of urban, small-scale research to gain new insights on how city-internal dynamics may affect the integration of migrants. The next objective is to explore the ways in which the D4I data set could be used to assess policy needs and outcomes at the local level across the EU.

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