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From the Sea to the City: Regroup, Rethink, React

On December 9 Laura Colini will facilitate the online panel “Regroup, Rethink, React: Practical solutions to promote and implement human rights based migration policies”organised by From the Sea to the City.

The COVID-19 crisis put into sharp relief the importance of guaranteeing access to information, adequate shelter and housing, and healthcare services in order to secure the lives of individuals and the community. The pandemic highlighted a disproportionate threat for the most vulnerable, who had to comply with lockdown orders often sleeping rough and lacking basic levels of hygiene. Finally, the pandemic compromised the ability to work for many categories, particularly hitting those with precarious employment. A job and a house are essential prerequisites to gain residence permits and hence a proper access to fundamental rights.

Starting from these three words “health”, “shelter” and “work”, this panel will explore current constraints and practical solutions to promote and implement human rights based migration policies.

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– Annalisa Camilli – journalist

– Muhammad al-Kashef – Human Rights lawyer and Migration Researcher, a member of Watch the

Med Alarmphone

– Mathieu Garabedian – Deputy Mayor of Villeurbanne (France)

– Malin Björk – Member of the European Parliament

– Onalia Bueno – Mayor of Mogán (Canary Islands)

– Moderation by Laura Colini, member of the Consortium From the Sea to the City



Duration: 2 hours, including Q&A

Objectives of the panel:

● Present the initiative From the Sea to the City

● Present and discuss the demands 2 and 5 of our campaign:

Regroup, Rethink, React: Practical solutions to promote and implement

human rights based migration policies

Online panel, 9 December 2020 | 17-19h CET

○ Demand 2: Ensure protection of migrants’ and refugees’ lives and needs in the

COVID-19 crisis

○ Demand 5: Ensure the access to fundamental rights and dignity for migrants and

refugees arriving to European cities, from the right to seek asylum, an access to the

social and health care system, to adequate housing and decent working conditions

● Present and discuss with speakers what are the possible steps ahead


Overview of the initiative

‘From the Sea to the City’ aims to join forces to reimagine the European stance on migration with cities and human rights at the center. With this vision we want to send a strong signal to the European institutions that we want to pursue a welcoming and human-rights based migration and refugee policy. Welcoming refugees and migrants in our municipalities and cities is a chance to democratize Europe further from below: it is the cities that bear the brunt of managing migration, thus it is the cities that should also have a say in the European migration policy.

Watch our previous online panels here: https://fromseatocity.eu/programme/

From the Sea to the City is a joint Initiative of:

European Alternatives, Europe Must Act, EMERGENCY, Humboldt-Viadrina Governance Platform, INURA & Tesserae, Mediterranea Saving Humans, Open Arms Italy, Sea Watch, Seebrücke, Watch the Med Alarm Phone, Welcome to Europe/Italy.

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