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IN-HABIT Training Local Activators

After the first months kicking off this complex H2020 project, during which we have been mostly busy with defining a common glossary for the partners and local stakeholder of IN-HABIT, we now are ready for the next step. This week starts the the training program for eight Local Community Activators that will transfer the methodology of the project in the context of the cities of Cordoba, Lucca, Nitra and Riga, and develop the engagement strategies of local stakeholders. Tesserae designed the training and the Stakeholder Engagement Toolkit in collaboration with the scientific and communication partners of the project (University of Reading, Isimpact, Book on a Tree, University of Cordoba, Design for Change). The training and the toolkit will have an essential focus on the Gender, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion approach (GDEI).

This is an exciting opportunity for Tesserae to test and apply our methodologies in the context of ambitious projects that will affect health and well-being of citizens by co-creating Visionary Integrated Solutions and promoting spatial and social transformation in four European small and medium sized cities. It will be also the opportunity to share tools and learnings with a number of sister projects funded by H2020.

The training will be a two-way process in which we plan to learn from cities’ concrete issues as much as we will transfer them ideas and skills. The training process will be essential to tailor the GDEI Stakeholder Engagement Toolkit according to the concrete needs of the cities and later published as an open resource constituting one of the key deliveries of the H2020 project.

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