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Besòs - Barcelona

Besòs, located in the north-eastern part of Barcelona is were B-MINCOME project is tested . The Besòs Area is 10 neighbourhoods in 3 districts; Ciutat Meridiana, Vallbona, Torre Baró, Roquetes and Trinitat Nova (District of Nou Barris); Trinitat Vella, Baró de Viver and Bon Pastor (District of Sant Andreu) and Verneda-La Pau and Besòs-Maresme (District of Sant Martí). The Eix Besos name (meaning ax Besos) is taken from the river Besòs, a natural line dividing Barcelona from its neighbouring municipalities Santa Coloma, Santa Adrià, Montcada and Badalona. With 114,014 inhabitants (7.12% of the city of Barcelona) in an area covering 924.20 ha (9.05% of the City of Barcelona) (Ayuntamiento Barcelona 2017) the river Besòs has been growing as an informal settlement from the fifties onward, attracting newcomers from the countryside and southern Spain. The mostly residential area is characterised by micro-ownership and private sector rented housing.

This area is characterised by:

  • Lower income rate.
  • High level of unemployment.
  • High rates of school failure and school dropout.
  • Attractiveness to vulnerable population due to low cost housing. It is also the area of the city with one of the highest occupancy rates per house/flat.
  • Higher number of immigrants in the area (29%) in comparison to the Barcelona average (22.2%).

This is one of the reasons why the B-MINCOME model is so important as it is intended to tackle all forms of poverty and precariousness that would escape the categories of welfare recipients under the regional law, starting with the test in Besòs. Read more in the first B-MINCOME Project Journal written by Laura Colini.