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Capo - Palermo

Il Capo is one of the four boroughs of Palermo historical center: an area among the most distressed of the city but as well one with the most impressive heritage and improvement potential. In collaboration with Bond of Union we are involved in several projects that have here their base and application territory, among which URBEX and COMENSI.



Capo & Monte di Pietà, Palermo, Italy. From 2018.


Despite the disandvanted living conditions and the low level of formal education of most of its inhabitants, the neighbourhood Capo&Monte di Pietà is one of the richest in Palermo when reasoning in terms of historical, religious and cultural heritage.
Its boundaries are defined by famous landmarks and boulevards of the old city, and the well-known Capo fruit market, one of the most frequented of Palermo, takes place in the ares. Descip such potential, the inner parts of the neighborhood suffer from urban decay and social difficulties.

The Capo Community Atlas has been created in the framework of Comensi project. It is a collection of meaningful spaces, stories from the inhabitants, local initiatives and proposals for the neighbourhood. It reflects the engagement process activated by our partner Bond of Union with the residents of the area.