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Savsko Naselje - Ljubljana

Savsko naselje is one of the first large scale residential neighbourhoods constructed in Ljubljana after WW2. After some decades in which it was known for its quality of life, with the turn of the millennia its qualities have been regressing in many ways.


Savsko Naselje, Ljubljana, Slovenia. From 2018 it has been part of the Comensi and URBEX Project.


Savsko Naselje regressed in social, spatial and economic sense.
Urban decay and the consequent absence of quality community space brought to a dis-familiarization between the residents and their own neighborhods, fuelled by an increase crime rate.
Since 2013 a process of community re-building has beeen started by our partner ProstoRož, collecting memories and writing a collective neighborhood history. This process culminated in the engagement in Comensi Project and the creation of a Community Atlas, which is conceived as a helpful tool to map local resources, actors and opportunities for the residents in order to fight the feeling of living in a sleeping neighborhood.