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Snipiskes - Vilnius

Šnipiškės is a historical neighbourhood of Vilnius subject to  redevelopment process. It is the target area for the URBACT III implementation network ReGeneration with lead expertise provided by Tesserae. Today the central traditional village is under the pressure of the new massive development of the CBD. The pro-development stance that regards the wooden Šnipiškės as a total anachronism frequently clashed with a stance that sees it as an important heritage that must be saved.

In this context in 2012 a group of local activist  coordinated by the Laimikis organisation started actions for the regeneration of public space employing techniques of co-design and participatory approaches to activate local population and strengthening local solidarity network. Among the activities, the team mapped everyday routes and empty spots, started initiatives like neighbourhood picnics and developed communication tools, both offline and online. Several notice-boards were arranged, which serve as a place for playful written interaction and meeting points. These initiatives have been successful in raising awareness on the value of the neighbourhood as a resource to preserve.  Currently Šnipiškės is the object of regeneration actions funded by the Integrated Territorial Development Programme 2014 -2020 including a new participatory process coordinated by he initiators of the bottom-up process.

Images by Laimikis.Lt, NGO; http://laimikis.lt /