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Thread Mapping

Thread Mapping is a flexible methodology fo co-creation and co-design that can be adapted to different purposes and different phases of a participative process.  The point of the method is to use simple and intuitive material gestures to create collaborative maps and graphs, employing boards, pins, threads, and stickers that allow all participants to “put their hands on the map” independently from their skills. Different sections of a prepared board that can include maps, timelines, and thematic fields  are connected using coloured threads pinned to the different points. 

Aside from the capacity to pin up effectively ideas and information shared  in a intuitive visual form by heterogeneous groups, the method has the advantage to create a feeling of collective engagement, weaving together a fabric of informations and connections into a visually agreeable and semantically rich material artefact. This technique works also as an excellent icebreaker for activating people that may be intimidated by  excessively verbal interactions. 

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