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How do we communicate place narratives in accessible formats and languages? How do we publish short impressions and local memories in accessible online archives?

Urban Sketches is a digital storytelling format developed by Tesserae to create short place narratives able to capture impressions, anecdotes or emotions about a given local context. The methodology focuses on employing simple and effective audiovisual languages allowing non-skilled people to clearly communicate their knowledge or understanding of a place. Urban Sketches workshops are created to complement spatial assessment processes with collections of personal observations, to investigate local memories or to document transformations and conflicts. The use of widely available devices and software is favoured in order to support the greatest inclusiveness and give voice to underrepresented subjects. Urban Sketches methodology can be integrated with Urban Memo, Urban Reconnaissance, collaborative mapping and other participative techniques to build multi media archives and local atlases.

EULER StoryLab #4: Urban Sketches
Urban Sketches Mehringplatz