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Manufatto in Situ

MANUFATTO IN SITU is an artistic residency and summer school conceived by the Via Industriae association in Foligno. Tesserae’s members have steadily contributed during last 10 years to its development. Inspired by the approach of Beuys concept of “social sculpture” of art’s potential to transform society, MANUFATTO IN SITU aims at bringing together art, research and community involvement in remote areas in Umbria, Italy. The residency is based on the construction of interdisciplinary operative platforms (artists, local people, workers from different areas), including local and foreign creators in order to foster open views to fragile socio-geographic areas. The residency started in 2006 in the rural and extremely sparsely inhabited territory of a village called Cancelli. Despite its remoteness, since the 80’ies the area of Cancelli attracted art interventions in relation to nature and landscape, involving artists such as Sol LeWitt, Ann&Patrick Poirier. Manufatto in Situ is accompanied by the presence of contemporary artists such as Hidetoshi Nagasawa (2007), Mario Airò (2008), Tania Bruguera (2009), Emilio Fantin, Caretto & Spagna, Myriam Laplante, Gruppo A12, Kinkaleri, Oginoknauss (2010), a constructed world (2011), RAQS MEDIA COLLECTIVE(2012), What, How & for Whom (2013) and Chto Delat / Aleksandr Skedzun (2014). Since 2014 Manufatto in situ collaborates with the University of Perugia Faculty of Agriculture, Scientific Museums Perugia, Umbria regional administration, Music Library Fonoteca Regional Umbria Oreste Trotta.


Cancelli - Foligno