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Switch On Mehringplatz - EULER

EULER is a training program to support skills and competences deriving from informal and voluntary engagement in community initiatives. Supported by Erasmus+ EU program, EULER develops activities in Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin and London.  Tesserae Urban Social Research coordinates in Berlin Switch On Mehringplatz. Tools for Commoning, a cycle of training activities developing tools and skills for neighbourhood initiatives. The program comprises three workshop modules on collaborative methodologies for community empowerment and five public events.

Target: active citizens, social entrepreneurs and facilitators interested in developing a common framework of action in the context the area of Mehringplatz – Südliche Friedrichstadt.

Objectives: to provide a set of tools and methods to empower local communities, increase entrepreneurial capacity and foster innovative economic paradigms.

Techniques: urban reconnaissance, collaborative mapping, participative video making, digital storytelling, social media publishing.

Outcome: “Solidarity Curriculum”. An innovative online tool for assessing and enhancing local social resources. It is aimed at shifting the attention from the individual curricula required by a competitive labor market to the collaborative mapping of social relations necessary to develop commons-based economies and initiatives.

Dissemination: The results of the laboratory will be presented in the final conference together with the similar experiences realised in Antwerp, Barcelona and London. They will be published in a set of booklets detailing tools for neighbourhood initiatives.

September 2016 – June 2017


Mehringplatz storylab #2 – Place narrative

Mehringplatz maplab #2 – Mapping actors and economies

Strategies for change 

Mehringplatz maplap #3 – Connecting layers

Mehringplatz stroylab #3 – Collecting stories

Mehringplatz storylab #4 – Urban sketches

Urlab #4 – Representing the neighbourhood

Switch on Mehringplatz 30.11.2017 @ Bauhutte

Mehringplatz anknipsen 2 – Nachbarschaftsatlas 

Neighbourhood atlas at Gedenkbibliothek

Transformationen – Nachbarschaftsatlas im Feldfünf

Engagement stories: the neighbourhood atlas of Südliche Friedrichstadt


Switch On Mehringplatz 

Download here the booklet with the final report of the activities.


Dragoner Areal - Berlin

Prinzessinnengarten - Berlin

Mehringplatz - Südliche Friedrichstadt - Berlin