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Inter Municipal Cooperation in EU

Study visit prepared and conducted in June 2010 by Laura Colini with the collaboration of Lorenzo Tripodi  in the frame of the Project Brazil Municipios. The Project Brasil Municípios – “Strengthening Institutional Capacities of elected Municipalities to Reduce Poverty”, is a Non-Reimbursable Technical Cooperation between the European Community (EC), and the Brazilian Government, through the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management (MP), having the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) as the implementing agent for the European funds. The overall objective of the Project is to contribute to improving the effectiveness and impacts of public policies on the reduction of poverty, inequality and social exclusion. This project focuses on: a) the involvement of Municipal administrations- especially located in the north and northeast regions of Brazil- in order to improve technical and institutional capacity to plan, finance, manage and evaluate programs and projects in urban and/or peri-urban areas, tackling poverty reduction and social inclusion; b) the selection of good practices in local management, inter-municipal cooperation disseminated and tested in selected municipalities.The project includes a report analyzing the forms and typologies of IMC over 10 selected countries in Europe meant to guide a study visit of shortlisted IMC practices in 4 European countries. The main goal of the Study visit was to organize an EU-Brazil exchange program for municipal managers and technical staff, with a view to encouraging the exchange of experiences and the identification of European practices that can be adapted to the Brazilian reality and/or be a source of inspiration to improving effectiveness of poverty reduction and social inclusion strategies and policies. The Study visit served also  to identify new opportunities for the establishment of cooperation bonds between European and Brazilian municipalities, institutions and associations.


Inter-municipal cooperation in Europe

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