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Moving Cities Map

Cities as a Driving Force for the Transformation of European Migration Policy

The project “The Moving Cities Map” is the first part of a three-part strategy that was developed in a European networking process within the framework of the Palermo Charter Platform and in which 20 different European initiatives were involved. The overall strategy aims to strengthen the role of municipalities at EU level. The second and third part of the overall strategy build up on the project “The Moving Cities Map” and use the content on exemplary approaches to migration and integration policy as well as the mapping of active actors as tools for advocacy strategies and a Europe-wide campaigning.  In recent years, a lot of municipalities and their cooperation partners from the civil society have increasingly advocated a more humane and human-rights-based migration and integration policy. The project “The Moving Cities Map” aims to strengthen their political role and their capacity to act in order to promote a change in migration and integration policies in Europe. To this end, local researchers have been commissioned to identify municipalities throughout Europe that have made a public declaration in favour of a more humane migration and integration policy and which are active in a city network. Furthermore, all relevant local and international city networks will be introduced. In addition, through interviews with local political and civil society actors, they will collect information on over 30 selected cities that pursue exemplary progressive approaches to local migration and integration policy. Areas that will be studied: access to social rights, reception and residence status, enabling of political participation, protection against deportation, intercultural inclusion, building of structural capacities and resources.

Subsequently,  an interactive online platform will be developed on which:

  • progressive local migration and integration policy approaches are presented, to strengthen the capacity of local authorities to act and to activate further municipalities
  • all active and solidary cities in Europe are identified and presented, to create a foundation for the development of joint interlocal advocacy strategies
  • local and international city networks, their members and their work will be presented to create a foundation for cross-network collaboration
  • a network of collaboration partners is presented, which supports the work of the solidarity-oriented municipalities and which helps to bring the topic to the forefront

In parallel with the development of the platform and data collection, project partnerships with key actors will be established to ensure cross-organisational and cross-sectoral collaboration and a successful propagation of the platform after its launch.

Tesserae is part of the coordination board of the project and will do research on Italian and French cities.


Data collection: September 2020 –  September 2021



Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung

Heinrich Böll Stiftung



The project is financially supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and  Fund Zivile Seenotrettung.