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Right to the City 1968-2018

Right to the City 1968-2018 is a video archive of voices debating uses and adaptations of the Lefebvrian concept across the multiplication of struggles and transformations of the planetary urban landscape.

Since its publication in 1968, Henri Lefevbre’s Le droit a la ville, has become the “cry and demand” for rights in cities around the world. From the claims of the student movement and situationist agitators, throughout the multifaceted experience of the urban movements of the last fifty years, the right to the city is a concept that has settled globally in the academic discourses and in the everyday practice of activists and policy makers.

Taking the cue from the conference organised in Paris by Ville en Commune on the 50 years of Lefebvre’s seminal book, in spring 2018 Tesserae started a new documental project. This is a living archive of interviews with scholars, activists, cultural agitators, politicians and policy makers to understand how the right to the city concept as been appropriated, interpreted and endorsed in the context of local and global struggles. The objective is not only to document the pluralities of facets of the concept, but also to question how it can still provide inspiration and tools for emancipation and social justice in our age of capitalist acceleration.

The interviews currently published in the oginoknauss Vimeo channel, will be successively edited and made available in other publication formats integrating the individual contributions with critical reflections, maps and documents.



Henri Lefevbre – Le droit à la ville