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Urbex II is an Erasmus plus project aimed at developing urban exploration as tool to engage and empower youths at risk of exclusion.  It will achieve its aims firstly by promoting the active participation and engagement of five local groups of young people and providing them with non-formal learning opportunities of exploration and appreciation of the urban space.  Secondly, it will develop a creative educational model based on the neighbourhood as a learning space and use it to train youth workers, teachers and professionals from the social and educational sectors.  Thirdly, it will create an international network of youth organisations, schools, educational and social institutions interested in using urban exploration as an educational strategy. The network will ensure the dissemination and long-term use of the results produced in URBEX II as well as a continuous exchange of knowledge between the actors.


The project identifies two main target groups:
– a) young people of age 16-24, at risk of social exclusion or affected by the current corona health crisis;
– b) youth workers, teachers and professionals of social or educational organisations that are interested in developing learning opportunities for young people.

Thanks to the Urbex approach, 20 youth workers from Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and Germany, as well as 50 youths at risk of social exclusion, will be supported to develop and test urban exploration methods and tools for 24 months.


Tesserae is lead partner and coordinator in the project, managing the partnership between five organisations in five different EU countries.
We are also in charge of delivering the URBEX handbook of Urban Exploration and responsible for testing the handbook’s methodologies in Berlin within local labs. Finally in September 2023 we will also be organising the project’s final international conference.



Bond of Union, Palermo – IT

Nomadways, Beaulieu sur Dordogne – FR

ZEMOS98, Sevilla – ES

4Change, Lisbon – PT