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The B-Mincome project Journal n.4

How to set up a city entrepreneurship programme in social, solidarity, and coop economy? Which challenges have been faced and which solutions the city of Barcelona has developed? This are just some of the themes addressed by UIA Expert Laura Colini, in this Journal edition of B-MINCOME project.

The Active Policy on Social, Solidarity and Coop Economy (SSE) in B-MINCOME has the ultimate goal to launch around 10 projects, contributing to strengthening SSE in the pilot target areas. It has been designed with the aim of allowing beneficiaries to initiate new projects and community-based economy, by enhancing the entrepreneurial capacity of participants; providing social and psychologic assistance to beneficiaries in every step along the process of implementation; and helping the strengthening of the relationships and participation of beneficiaries with their surroundings.
Through a quantitative and qualitative analysis, the journal shows how such policy has become powerful and exemplar in its framework and implementation for other European cities, in particular for offering information and training on Social, Solidarity and Coop Economy, together with ad-hoc individual support, community organisation, cultural and ethnical integration, and individual and collective empowerment, secured by co-management and collaboration among stakeholders.

Read / download the article on UIA _ B-Mincome website