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The IN-HABIT Toolkit aims to provide a set of guidelines, methods and tools for the wider engagement of stakeholders in the People-public-private partnerships (PPPPs). It includes instructions for stakeholders mapping and local needs assessment, selection criteria, structure, working rules and diversity management procedures, co-design methodology, and the necessary guidelines and templates for the creation and management of the four local IN-HUBs. The Toolkit is the basis for the training process of the Local Community Activators and provides the reference set for the management of the four local IN-HUBS established in the cities of Córdoba, Lucca, Nitra, and Riga. It supports the accomplishment of a fully inclusive process of co-creation, co-design, co-management, and co-monitoring of the innovative solutions envisioned by the four local PPPPs, with specific attention at the engagement of less represented and more at risk of exclusion stakeholders.

Download the GDEI Stakeholders Engagement Toolkit