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Mehringplatz StoryLab #4 - Urban Sketches

A digital storytelling workshop dedicated to the production of personal narratives based on impressions and memories of Mehringplatz – Südliche Friedrichstadt.  Participants will be invited to follow their inclination or favourite languages employing writing, photography, video, music and sound, drawing, graphic design, performance etc. Professional technical notions or artistic competences are not necessary. The laboratory will take place in English and German and participants can use any language of their choice for their storytelling exercise.

How do we communicate local narratives in accessible formats and languages?

Saturday 1 July, 10am – 5 pm
Sunday 2 July, 2pm-6pm (facultative)

Supermarkt, Mehringplatz 9, 10969 Berlin

All phases of the work will be illustrated and executed during the Saturday compact full day session. The optional session on Sunday will be dedicated to complete and revise the produced outcomes.

The set of memory cards developed in the StoryLab #3 will provide initial clues and suggestion to build individual storytelling exercises.The collection of audio visual sketches realised during the workshop will be included in the Mehringplatz Atlas – neighbourhood curriculum published online.

Participation is free.
Register please on Eventbrite, facebook or via email at info@tesserae.eu

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