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Switch On Mehringplatz 30.11.2017 @Bauhutte

Switch On Mehringplatz – Closing discussion and book presentation

Thursday November 30, 18h

Bauhutte Südliche Friedrichstadt,

Besselstraße 1, 10969 Berlin, Deutschland

From October 2016 to July 2017 the Erasmus + program EULER has developed a series of laboratories in Mehringplatz and the Südliche Friedrichstadt investigating the potentiality of the neighbourhood, its history and current transformations. Some hundred people in total attended the sixteen seminars and workshops and the international  conference. The training activities and public discussions have been an opportunity to reflect on the socio-economic context of the neighbourhood and to collect a series of materials contributing an in progress local atlas project.

It is time for a balance of this season and a reflection on future developments of this work.  We invite you to join the event that will take place  next November 30th at the Bauhutte Südliche Friedrichstatdt, where we present  also the final publication of Euler recently launched in London. This is a set of six booklets that includes a thematic introduction on Economy and skills, the reports of the four local applications in Antwerp, Barcelona, London and Berlin, and the proceedings of the Learning from Context conference.   

The event will be (mainly) in German, followed by a musical jam session.

Economy and Skills: EULER publication in LondonDom Novogo Byta online