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URBEX youth mobility in Palermo

From April 1 to 6 we were in Palermo for one intense week of Urban Exploration with 50 youth from five EU countries. The Capo neighburhood in the historical centre of Palermo has been the testing ground for an innovative combination  of exercises of exploration, mapping, visioning aimed at improve the capacity of youth to understand and transform the urban environment they live in.

Day one. Let’s start!

Getting to know each other

Expectations, fears, contributions

Preparing the presentations

The group from London presents their work in Islington

Slovenians interventions in public space

The kidz from Mehringplatz giving a comprehensive tour of H-Town…

Mapping exercises done by the youths of palermo..

Day two- Let’s go out in Capo

First explorations

Discussing the exploration

reporting the exploration

Day Four – Playing the Urban Puzzle

Where is this?


Playing the visionary City game

developing a vision for the market place

Cortile Mangano. Not an easy place…

Day five – Last day icebreaker

Mission accomplished!

U-Rise Master Thesis(Im)possible Complicities: registration open