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UrbEXplorers Conference

The city as a learning space

Conference, Berlin 28-29 September 2023

Refugio, Lenaustraße 3-4 – 12047 Berlin

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Download the Program in PDF

Urbexplorers is the final multiplier event of the Erasmus project UrbEX. The multidisciplinary conference will discuss and promote urban exploration as a methodology for empowering youths, overcoming their vulnerabilities and encouraging their participation in communal life. It intends to engage a conversation amongst youth workers, scholars, activists, and administrators about the potential of neighbourhoods as learning spaces. A particular emphasis will be placed on gaming and storytelling approaches for the education and involvement of disadvantaged youngsters. During the conference will be presented the tools and methodologies developed during Urbex project, and a network of organisations interested in expanding the potential of  spatial practice with youths will be launched.

  • How to increase the capacity of youths to learn from their urban environment?
  • How can spatial exploration be used as an emancipatory practice?
  • How may exploratory practice assist in counteracting segregation, school dropout, and unemployment?
  • How can such practices support the inclusion of young migrants and refugees?

To answer such questions, the conference adopts a practice-oriented, multidisciplinary and inclusive approach facilitating exchange about concrete experiences and open tools among the participants.

The conference is free and open to everybody. Online registration is required.


  1. Registration

  2. Welcome and Program Introduction

  3. Session 1: Tools and Methods for Exploration

    Cassandra Workshop – Photo Tiago Mindrico
    • Edulands maps as collaborative tools for education – Monica Gonzalez Candela et al.
    • Ludic urban experience “Cassandra” – Tiago Mindrico and Felipe Salazar
    • Rediscovering the urban canvas – Benedikt Schlund
    • Q & A
  4. Coffee break

  5. Session 2: UrbEX4Youth

    • Handbook of urban exploration for youths – Lorenzo Tripodi, Franziska Füller
    • UrbEX Local Labs in Lisbon, Palermo, Sevilla, Cahors, Berlin
    • ItinerAnts: Toolkit for Co-Designing – Lucas Tello Pérez , Rosalia Gutiérrez
  6. Lunch break

  7. Session 3: Gaming the City

    Cards of a card game about the neighbourhood
    Fuori Bordo
    • Fuori Bordo – che fare
    • Street radio bluster – Gió Di Sera
    • Alternate reality games e civic media – Felipe Salazar
    • Q & A
  8. Interactive Session

    Parallel Activities:

    • ItinerAnts: City exploration game: Join us for a city exploration using Urbex Adventure Game – ItinerAnts: Discover hidden gems in the neighborhood with resource and mission cards, and let your creativity flow as you share your experience with Narrative cards. Join the fun!
    • Cocreation Open space: Open Space Technology (OST) empowers participants to create their own agenda, self-organise discussions, and engage in productive conversations around topics they care about, fostering collaboration and collective wisdom.
  9. End of day activity

Citizens checking a map
Alternative Reality game – Photo F. Salazar

  1. Registration

  2. Inspirational talk + Q&A: Abandoned Berlin- Ciaran Fahey

  3. Session 4: Urban Exploration for Inclusion

    • Hybrid spaces as a learning tool for young people – Raffaele Giovine
    • Neighbourhood cosmonauts – Guido Belloni
    • A collective story of urban exploration – Tuline Gülgönen, Kitti Baracsi
  4. Coffee break

  5. Session 5: Urban Education and Citizen Participation

    • Landscape and heritage education in urban and periurban context – Paola Branduini, Camilla Casonato
    • Interlinking media education, youth work and urban practice – Anton Schunemann et al.
    • Empowering youth through education: University field unit and mutual embodied learning – Jens Brandt
  6. Interactive Session

    • ItinerAnts: City exploration game
    • Open space technology exchange
  7. Lunch break

  8. Session 6: Weaving the Urbex Network

  9. Conclusions & reflections

  10. End of the day activity

Register here on Eventbrite!

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