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UrbEXplorers Conference

The city as a learning space

Conference, Berlin 28-29 September 2023                  

 Refugio, Lenaustraße 3-4 – 12047 Berlin

Urbexplorers is the final multiplier event of the Erasmus project UrbEX. The multidisciplinary conference will discuss and promote urban exploration as a methodology for empowering youths, overcoming their vulnerabilities and encouraging their participation in communal life. It intends to engage a conversation amongst youth workers, scholars, activists, and administrators about the potential of neighbourhoods as learning spaces. A particular emphasis will be placed on gaming and storytelling approaches for the education and involvement of disadvantaged youngsters. The Urbex project’s tools and methodologies will be presented during the conference, and a network of institutions interested in creating spatial practices with youth will be launched.

  • How to increase the capacity of youths to learn from their urban environment?
  • How can spatial exploration be used as an emancipatory practice?
  • How may exploratory practice assist in counteracting segregation, school dropout, and unemployment?
  • How can such practices support the inclusion of young migrants and refugees?

To answer such questions, the conference will adopt a practice-oriented, multidisciplinary and inclusive approach facilitating exchange about concrete experiences and open tools among the participants.

The call for paper is extended until June 5!

The conference will be accessible after online registration with no costs for the participants.

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