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Zeig mir dein Hohenschönhausen! 1st Workshop

1st Workshop of our project “Erinnerung im Wandel – Zeig mir dein Hohenschönhausen!

On Friday 23rd October, the first workshop of our project “Erinnerung im Wandel – Zeig mir dein Hohenschönhausen” took place at the Kunsthaus 360° in Hohenschönhausen. A dozen participants were present for this first meeting. After exchanges in order to get to know each other better and sharing the participants’ expectations for the project, we discussed on the concept of culture of remembrance. Every participant shared their own ideas and the contents were very exhaustive, leading to questions such as:- Why do we need a culture of remembrance und why is it important?

Who decides what belongs to it?
How does something become part of it?
What contributes to the culture of remembrance of a neighborhood?

The last question will mark the beginning of our second workshop and allow us to continue our discussions on the Hohenschönhausen case.
At the end of the first meeting every participant received a disposable camera to take personal pictures in the neighborhood within ten days. The aim of this exercise was for the participants to show the neighborhood through their own lense.
Through the participants’ photographies and their related stories we will thus discover what streets, squares, monuments, buildings, green spaces, etc., contribute to the current culture of remembrance in Höhenschonhausen. We are looking forward to our next meeting on the 13th of November!

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